More Than VoIP: Learn Why UD Voice is the Perfect Phone System for Remote Workers

UD Voice is the Perfect Phone Sytem, Here's Why

One limitation that some businesses have run into during the coronavirus pandemic is their company phone system. When you need to send employees home to work, it’s important to have a communication system in place that includes the ability to answer the company phone lines from anywhere.

Just forwarding landline-based phones to other phone numbers is clunky, inefficient and can result in dropped calls and frustrated callers. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows an entire phone system to run in the cloud and include multiple features to facilitate call handling.

3 in 5 companies say that phone systems are one of their most urgent investment priorities.

But what if you need something beyond just a cloud-based phone system? Is there something out there that can bring several different types of communications together?

Before you choose a new cloud phone system to facilitate your remote workers, you’ll want to check out UD Voice. Our VoIP solution includes more than just VoIP, it offers multiple ways that your employees can easily stay connected with each other and your customers from any location.

What Makes UD Voice the Better Phone System?

When employees have the right tools, they can be more productive working from home than they are at the office. The key is enabling communication in a number of ways, and that’s exactly what UD Voice is focused on.

Here are some of the ways that this VoIP communication platform gives remote workers the support they need to stay productive when telecommuting.

90+ Enterprise-Grade Phone Features

UD Voice offers over 90 enterprise-grade features that help make call handling more efficient. Features can automate many calling functions, saving your employees time.

Other features include high-level network call quality and protection from spam callers.

Windows & Smartphone Apps

Your team gets full flexibility in how they choose to handle their calls. Using a Windows app, they can answer using a head set and their computers. Mobile apps allow them to answer from a smartphone and gives them the ability to manage multiple calls.

Easy Video Conferencing

UD Voice makes it simple for your team to connect on the fly, so they don’t feel isolated when working from home. They can initiate HD video conference meetings without any additional software or browser extension required, making it quick and easy to take a brainstorming session face-to-face.

Synchronized Team Chat

Another “beyond just VoIP” feature that UD Voice offers is team chat on both desktop and mobile devices. This keeps your team instantly connected and also keeps all your business communications in one place.

Employees can pin people they’re in contact with often to the top of their chat window, and mobile and desktop chats are synchronized.

Desk Handsets Work in Remote Offices

If you use handsets for your VoIP system, these are easily transitioned to a remote work home office. The phones can be plugged into any location with an internet connection, giving your team the ability to use the same handsets they’re already familiar with from the office.

Real-Time Screen Sharing

Another bonus you get with UD Voice is a browser-based screensharing app. This makes it easy to collaborate and share ideas with your team, when everyone’s in a different location.

Presence Indicator

When everyone’s working from home, it’s easy to have misunderstandings when someone isn’t at their desk. You can avoid calling when someone is in the middle of a video conference or on the phone by using the presence indicator in UD Voice.

The indicator quickly allows you to see if a team member is available or busy. This works on the desktop app, mobile app, and handsets.

File Sharing

One bonus you don’t typically get with a VoIP solution is file storage and sharing. With UD Voice, every user gets 2GB of file storage that is backed up. It’s also designed for simple file sharing, making it easier to access company information when working from home.

Users can access files stored on computers, mobile devices, file servers, and the web.

File Backup for Ransomware Protection

How do you keep employee work product secure when everyone is working from a different location? A central file backup can help by backing up files from all employee work devices and storing them in a central location securely.

This feature also includes point-in-time restoration if you need to replace lost files back to a computer or mobile device.

Virtual Fax

If you need to send or receive faxes, you can use UD Voice to do that too. Users can send and receive faxes through a browser-based interface. They can also fax directly from a Windows PC.

Learn More About UD Voice Today!

Don’t settle for a solution that only gives you a few benefits. UD Voice can keep your team connected several ways with each other and with your customers.

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