6 Marketing and Sales Benefits of Offering a Guest Wi-Fi

6 Marketing and Sales Benefits of Offering a Guest Wi-Fi

Marketing and Sales Benefits

Have you ever considered offering a free guest Wi-Fi at your East Tennessee business? You may have wondered what the benefit to you could possibly be for setting one up other than offering a freebie to customers.

But if done right, you gain multiple marketing and sales benefits that can make offering a free guest Wi-Fi a big advantage to your bottom line.

What exactly is involved with setting up a guest Wi-Fi?

It’s basically adding another network to your router or wireless mesh system that is separate from the main network that you and your employees use. This keeps your own data and devices secure, while allowing guests, vendors, and visitors to still connect to the internet.

Guest Wi-Fi can be set up inside or outside. For example, a restaurant could have one that can be used both inside their building and out on a patio. They can even be set up to service an entire campground.

The trick is working with the right provider that knows how to use the Wi-Fi splash page and connection method as a marketing and sales opportunity.

Here’s How a Guest Wi-Fi Can Boost Your Business

That desire to stay online and connected (and avoid using mobile minutes) is a strong one. 96% of consumers prefer shopping at places that offer free Wi-Fi.

Giving your customers a place to go online for free while they’re at your place of business has turned into more than just a freebie. Free hotspots can be outfitted to become their own marketing platform that’s able to customize experiences and drive sales and repeat business.

Here are several benefits of offering a free guest Wi-Fi connection.

Personalize the Guest Experience

A customized Wi-Fi login page is prime real estate for personalizing your guest’s experience with your business.

These pages can be designed to match your website and provide convenient links and content that someone onsite at your business would find helpful.

Businesses that provide a superior customer experience make an average of 5.7x more revenue than their competitors.

For example, if you run a campground, you might include a link to a map of your site (where restrooms are, etc.) on your Wi-Fi login page. If you run a bookstore, you could add “this week’s top staff picks” as a helpful guide for customers using your Wi-Fi.

Advertise Specials

You can potentially increase the amount of money that a person was going to spend at your business during their visit by offering coupons and specials that are only on your Wi-Fi login page.

If you let them know these are time limited and Wi-Fi exclusive specials, they’ll be more likely to want to take advantage of them while there, so they don’t miss out.

Promote New Items/Services

A 25% off coupon for a new item or service that you’re offering can entice someone to try it and help you with a successful launch.

Plus, if your customers know that you regularly introduce new products on your guest Wi-Fi page, it will make them more likely to look for them there and to choose you over another nearby business offering free Wi-Fi, because you’re giving them something to look forward to.

Understand Where Your Customers Go Online

When users are connected to your free Wi-Fi, you can see which sites they’re going to the most. Knowing your customers’ online habits can help you laser-focus your online ad spend and marketing activities to reach more customers like the ones you already have.

For example, if you see that 50% of your customers visit YouTube while using your guest Wi-Fi, that’s a pretty good clue that creating videos as part of your online content marketing and putting them up on YouTube, can get you more business.

Get More Facebook & Social Media Followers

Social media has become an important marketing channel for businesses. Did you know that Unbound Digital can set up guest Wi-Fi to use Facebook as the login process?

Facebook check-in allows those connecting to your free hotspot to just login with Facebook. After they login, they’re taken to your company’s Facebook page where they can “Like” your page and follow your posts.

Using Facebook check-in also helps boost your Facebook page ranking on the site’s mobile app.

Do Cross Promotions with Other Businesses

If there are other non-competing local businesses in your area that also offer a guest Wi-Fi, you could cross promote each other on your Wi-Fi login pages.

For example, a hotel or campground might promote a nearby coffee shop or local attraction and that business could return the favor, benefiting everyone and improving the customer experience by suggesting other places nearby they may like.

Boost Your Revenue with a Dynamic Guest Wi-Fi Experience

Our Unbound Digital Wi-Fi experts can handle both the hardware setup for your guest Wi-Fi as well as creating your custom sign-in page or Facebook check-in.

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