The Best & Most Productive Wireless Projects Your Business Should Invest In

No matter what type of business you’re in, one thing you have in common with all others is the need for an effective wireless internet connection.

The use of Wi-Fi to get online and power everything from email to cloud productivity apps has continued to increase every year. The flexibility of convenience that wireless internet provides, gives it a benefit over cabled connections.

In 2016, Wi-Fi made up 35% of all business internet traffic. By 2021, that number is expected to reach 43%, and two years later, increase to nearly 47%. Soon, over half of all business connectivity will be made up of wireless connection through a Wi-Fi system.

The reliability on a wireless network connection makes it one of the most important business technologies to continually upgrade so your business can continue to grow.

Wireless Projects to Consider for Your Business

From manufacturing plants to campgrounds to hospitals, Wi-Fi is the glue that keeps everyone connected to each other and vital business systems. When it’s allowed to become outdated and not upgraded regularly, it can hold an organization back.

When investing in your organization’s wireless connectivity, you want to ensure you’re working with a professional that can handle your needs. Unbound Digital has extensive experience with large wireless projects for apartment complexes, healthcare facilities, factories, campgrounds, and more.

What types of upgrades should you consider for your wireless network? Here are several of the best and most productive.

Expanding Your Wi-Fi Range

Expanding the range of your business Wi-Fi can open more possibilities for using automation and IoT devices. For example, if you use wireless security cameras, extending your Wi-Fi range can allow you to place them further away from your building so you can watch over more of the exterior property.

An expansion can also allow you to add more usable office space or facilitate work in an outside area like a courtyard.

With the right type of networking system, you can easily expand your range without the need to sign up for another internet service plan.

Upgrading Your Router to Wi-Fi 6/WPA3

If you’re still using a Wi-Fi 5 router, you’re behind the times. Wi-Fi 6 with the new WPA3 security protocol was released in the fall of 2019 and it represents a big improvement in several areas.

Upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 can provide benefits for speed, multi-device handling, and security. All things that positively impact your bottom line and productivity.

  • Speed: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is approximately 37% faster than Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).
  • Better Device Handling: To keep up with the addition of IoT to networks, Wi-Fi 6 offers 4x the throughput for more reliability over crowded networks.
  • Security: Several security additions add additional encryption and combat Wi-Fi hacking.

Adding a Guest Wi-Fi Network

Offering guest Wi-Fi for your customers can enhance your marketing and help you gain more repeat and referral business. Approximately 96% of consumers say they prefer shopping at places that offer free Wi-Fi.

Adding a guest Wi-Fi allows you to advertise on the Wi-Fi connection page. You can also view reports that show the most popular sites visited by guests using your Wi-Fi.

Being able to advertise that you offer free Wi-Fi is also a selling point to attract people to your place of business over a competitor’s.

Another important consideration for adding a guest Wi-Fi is security. It keeps visitors from using the same wireless network being used by your employees for your business data.

Upgrading to a Mesh Network System 

If you’re still using a one-router connection for your Wi-Fi, then an important upgrade that will provide multiple benefits is moving to a mesh network with multiple access points.

This is the best way to blanket an area with wireless connectivity because it provides a web of connectivity rather than just a single connection point.

Benefits of using a multi-access point mesh network include:

  • No single point of failure (if one goes out, you’re still online)
  • Easy to extend your range by adding another access point
  • Eliminate Wi-Fi weak signal areas
  • Eliminate problems with Wi-Fi signal interference
  • More reliable and a steady connection

Review & Upgrade Security

The security landscape is always changing as criminal groups come up with new vulnerabilities to attack. Because cybersecurity is often a moving target, you must keep your Wi-Fi network’s security systems monitored and upgraded as needed.

This includes adding things like bandwidth control to ensure certain sites aren’t taking up all the wireless bandwidth and putting monitoring in place to watch for any suspicious activities.

A Wi-Fi security review can save you from suffering a serious network breach.

Improve Your Wi-Fi Network Efficiency & Security Today!

Unbound Digital can help your Johnson City, Tennessee business with any type of Wi-Fi project, small and large. This includes multi-floor wireless connections and security for the most sensitive type of traffic.

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