How to Get Your Website to Convert More Leads

You’ve got your business website up, but why isn’t it converting more leads? 

This is a common issue that many businesses face because they are unknowingly missing key elements on their sites that help trigger lead conversions.

Just putting your content up online doesn’t guarantee that once people get there, they will want to contact you or click to purchase anything. A good website design is about more than style and colors, it’s about engaging with the visitor and anticipating the things that will help them take a step closer to becoming a customer.

If you’re getting plenty of traffic to your website but it isn’t bringing you the number of leads that you like, it could be missing one of these key elements below. 

Elements of High-Converting Websites

Use a Call to Action (CTA)

Every page on your site should have some type of call to action. If someone lands on your page and likes what they read, but you don’t instruct them what to do next, they’re likely to move on. They may bookmark your site to return to later, but if you haven’t captured their email address, you don’t have a lead to nurture.

You want to tell the visitor what to do next with a compelling CTA. Some common CTAs include:

  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Contacting you for more information
  • Downloading a lead magnet (ebook, checklist, etc.)
  • Calling you to learn more
  • Buying the product now
  • Signing up for a service 

Have an Easy-to-Read Page Layout

If someone gets to your page and it’s full of large blocks of hard-to-read text without many sub-headers or bullet points, they could easily be turned off. A site visitor doesn’t want to have to work hard to read your webpage.

You need to have a good website design that incorporates plenty of white space, short paragraphs, headers, and subheaders. This makes your content more inviting and will help you from losing potential leads right off the bat. 

Grab Attention With Engaging Imagery

A picture truly can speak a thousand words and make a product or service instantly more attractive to a site visitor. In a website study of online art sales, when images were used on the site’s home page, conversions increased by 95%.

Include an applicable image on your website and use ones that can help the reader identify with your solutions. Such as a photo of someone smiling and using your product.

State Your Value Proposition Early

The main question that someone typically has when landing on your website is “Why should I buy this?” You should state your value proposition early on your landing page, above the fold (meaning most users should not have to scroll down to see it).

A popular way to do this is to state the issue that the product is solving first and then stating why your solution is the best. For example, “Tired of your widgets getting disorganized? Spend less time searching with XYZ Widget Organizer!”

State your value proposition in just one to two sentences. You can include more bullet points of features and benefits in another section on your page. That initial value statement is designed to engage the reader and get them to want to learn more.

Use an Enticing Page Headline

If you title your page “Services,” it’s not going to be very enticing to readers and they may even forget your site after looking at several with the same services. Use descriptive headlines that are designed to grab attention.

How important is your page headline? 8 out of 10 people will read that headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of your page. People have much shorter attention spans these days, so if you want them to convert, you need to grab them immediately. 

It’s a good idea to A/B test different page headlines to see which ones are getting better conversion statistics.

Capture More Leads With a Short Form 

If you’re sending people from the home page or another landing page to your contact page before they can reach out, you could be making them work too hard.

Try putting a short contact form on each of your web pages that makes it easy for a person to reach out immediately to get a question answered. You can format this with just a name, email address, and a comment box. 

Shorter forms usually get better conversions than longer ones. There’s always time to capture more data later as you’re nurturing the lead in your sales funnel. Initially, you want to convert them from a site visitor to a lead. 

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