Why UD Voice VoIP Phone Systems Are Better Than Traditional Phone Systems

Traditional phone systems are one of the last ties many offices have to last century technology. During the pandemic, it became clear that they’ve become outdated and hold companies back from the flexibility they need in today’s world.

While they work fine if everyone is making and receiving company calls from a single location, a desk at the office, that’s not the way people work any longer.

Remote teams became the business story of the pandemic. Companies needed to move swiftly to create a Work-From-Home technology infrastructure and one piece that just didn’t fit in was the legacy phone system.

80% of company leaders plan to allow staff to work remotely at least part-time after the pandemic, and 47% will allow remote work full time.

The modern office needs cloud-based tools to remain resilient and competitive. That’s why VoIP phone systems like UD Voice, are becoming the norm.

What are the benefits of UD Voice VoIP over legacy phone systems?

Lower Costs

Companies can significantly lower their overhead by switching from a traditional phone system to UD Voice. There are no expensive installation costs and monthly phone service fees are also less than a landline.

It’s estimated that the average business cost savings after switching to VoIP are between 30% to 50%.

Startup costs for a new company are also a fraction of the cost with VoIP because there’s no on-premises equipment to purchase or have installed. Companies can easily add and remove lines anytime and only pay for what they need.

Supports Work-From-Home Teams

Legacy phone systems do not work for WFH teams. VoIP extends the company phone system to employees wherever they are, giving them a way to call out on a company line from any location.

Remote teams can transfer customer calls between each other, just like at the office, and get access to all the enterprise-class features of the phone system, such as:

  • Call waiting
  • Call queue
  • Ring groups
  • Auto-attendant
  • Company directory
  • Caller ID
  • Extension calling
  • 3-way calling
  • Intercom
  • And more

Customers calling your company get the same professional experience no matter where your employees are located.

Apps for Smartphones

More than 80% of work on average is now performed on a mobile device. Smartphones have become the tool of flexibility and convenience and boost productivity by making it easy for people to access business tools from anywhere.

With UD Voice, you can use your business phone lines from a smartphone. Employees can take a call on their PC and then easily switch over to mobile if they need to leave their desk.

The UD Voice smartphone app makes it possible for teams to stay in touch with each other and their customers no matter where they are.

Texting Capabilities

Another benefit to teams moving to VoIP with UD Voice is the ability to send a text message from their business phone number. And because the number isn’t connected to a specific mobile phone, you can enjoy texting capabilities from any device.

Being able to type out an SMS from your PC is a huge bonus, especially if you hate typing on those small smartphone screens. 

Text messaging is a feature unique to VoIP that you won’t find on legacy landline systems.

Enables Virtual Meetings

VoIP is in the cloud world, giving it unique capabilities, like video calls in addition to audio calls. It enables virtual meetings, which have become a vital tool to keep companies connected to their customers and employees during the pandemic.

You can initiate a high-quality virtual meeting right from your computer or from the phone’s desk set.

Local Support

Because UD Voice is provided by Unbound Digital, not some company that’s in another country and only accessible through a contact form, you get expert support.

You can contact us anytime, get help with setup, and know that you have a real team of friendly, caring professionals you can count on to be here for you when you need them.

Fully Compliant with 911 Systems

You won’t have to worry about any issues with calling 911 if needed when you sign up for UD Voice. Our VoIP phone system is fully compliant with all 911 requirements in Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s act. So, you can have peace of mind that emergency services can identify your number as necessary.

Free Desk Phones

You can access your VoIP phone system from any PC or mobile device, but you can also have the familiar feel of a desk phone. 

A bonus that we provide with UD Voice is free HD voice phones. These desk phones give you complete flexibility in using your phone service the way you like. They’re also modern interfaces that support voicemail, multi-lines, and more.

Get Started with UD Voice VoIP Today! 

Get a VoIP service that’s flexible, cost-efficient, and provides friendly local support. Unbound Digital can help your Tennessee business get set up with a UD Voice system in no time!

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