How Upgrading Your Phones to VoIP Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Two decades ago, VoIP was considered to have voice quality that was too poor to use for business lines. But as the technology and its clarity has evolved over the years, internet-based phone systems are now becoming the norm.

By 2020, the global VoIP services market is expected to have 348.6 billion subscribers. This switch from traditional analog phones to Voice over Internet Protocol is due to factors like convenience, cost savings, and business-powering features.

Today’s VoIP phone systems are as clear as traditional landlines and offer multiple benefits that you can’t get with a cord-based phone set up. They also offer small businesses advantages that used to be reserved for the expensive phone systems that only large enterprise corporations could afford.

For example, setting up things like an automated call routing assistant and multiple lines that are grouped by department, can be costly using a traditional analog phone system. But features like that and others are readily available for much less though VoIP, allowing small businesses an advantage in call handling efficiency.

If you’re tied to your landlines and aren’t sure whether you’re ready for an upgrade to VoIP, read on for all the benefits you could be missing out on by staying with the older standard.

Features and Benefits of VoIP for Business

Call handling can either be a frustrating process for your callers or one that makes them happy to interact with your company. Being able to route calls efficiently, present a pleasant experience to the caller, and track the metrics you need all contribute towards a successful experience.

61% of consumers stop using a business after they’ve had a poor service experience.

Here are the ways that VoIP can help improve your customer service, save you money, and take your business to the next level.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest reasons that companies switch to VoIP phone systems is because the cost savings is so significant. They can often get more features and services for much less, plus save on their phone calls as well.

How much can you save by using internet-based phones? Here are some cost saving VoIP statistics:

  • 40% savings on local calls
  • 90% savings on international calls
  • 90% reduction in startup costs (no expensive equipment to buy)
  • 30% reduction in teleconferencing expenses
  • $1,200 per month savings by businesses with 30 users

Flexibility and Greater Mobility

Say you’re waiting on a customer call, but you need to leave for an appointment. With a landline, you’d have to choose between missing the call or being late. VoIP allows you the flexibility to answer your phone line from any location.

In that scenario, the call could route to your mobile phone and you could both take the call and be on time for your meeting.

With landlines, your phone communications are static and tied to a specific location, and you generally can’t easily switch phone extensions even between desks. This means you have much less flexibility when it comes to your call handling.

Take Advantage a Remote Workforce

More businesses are taking advantage of remote workers. Statistics show their productivity is higher that in-office workers and there is also a cost savings for companies in office space needs.

VoIP phone systems can be answered from anywhere, via:

  • Computer application
  • VoIP Handset
  • Mobile Device

This makes it easy to still have the call routing you need for your organization even if your employees are working from different physical locations, and provides a seamless experience

Better Customer Support

There are multiple scenarios that can cause a potential customer to hang up before they reach someone. They can be left on hold too long, be routed back and forth between departments, or get lost in a phone tree.

VoIP has several features designed to make call handling efficient and get your caller to the right person or department fast, these include:

  • Custom greetings
  • Automated attendant
  • Smart routing based upon the caller’s number
  • Ring groups (if someone in your department isn’t available, it rings to someone else)
  • Dial-by-name directory
  • Call forwarding

Keep Your Business Running, No Matter What

If you suffer a manmade or natural disaster at your office, your phone system could be down for quite a while. If there’s a severe storm in the area, it could knock phone lines out for hours. And your callers are left with a number that won’t connect.

Using internet-based phones, means that your phone system is always up and running no matter what local disasters may have happened. In the case of a local outage, you can still access your phones from mobile devices or other unaffected locations and keep your company open for business.

Additional Features

VoIP systems go beyond just making and receiving calls and can do much more, such as support, text messaging, video conferencing, voice broadcasting, and more.

You can also have automatic voicemail voice to text transcription to save you time having to listen to a message to see if it needs an immediate call back.

The additional features can often replace other software you may be using, saving you even more through the bundled benefits of VoIP.

Ready for a Custom VoIP Phone System?

Unbound Digital is a FreedomVoice Elite Partner, which allows us to bring you great deals on a custom VoIP system for your office. You get first-class service from a local partner and a phone system that can do more.

Contact us today to learn more and see how much you could save with VoIP. Call 423-335-2461 or reach out online.

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