8 Ways That Unbound Digital Does Cybersecurity Right for Businesses

Keeping your online accounts and company data secure takes a lot more than just an antivirus program. Today’s threats are sophisticated and come from all directions.

In just the last few years, there’s been a rise in:

To combat the multiple attack types takes a layered approach that looks at cybersecurity safeguards from multiple angles. If you’re working with a provider that doesn’t employ a multi-layered strategy or are trying to do DIY IT security, then you could be leaving yourself at risk of an expensive attack.

Unbound Digital does cybersecurity right for businesses through our managed services plans that are flexible to fit any needs and budget. We take a stance of
“security first” to protect customers from unwanted cloud account takeovers and devastating malware attacks.

The average ransomware remediation costs have more than doubled in the last 12 months, from $761,106 to $1.85 million per incident.

Here are several reasons to trust the expert team at Unbound Digital with your company’s IT security needs.

We Pay Attention to Compliance

Our team is well versed in compliance needs for PCI, HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, and other data privacy guidelines. We keep all of your compliance needs in mind when setting up your cybersecurity strategy.

If you need to navigate the complicated web of paperwork to certify compliance, we’ll help you with that too, to make your life easier.

We Use SentinelOne EDR

With a majority of work now being handled outside the office, while on mobile devices, or through employees working remotely, you need a flexible security strategy.

We use SentinelOne EDR (endpoint detection and response), which has a multi-pronged capability to protect all your network endpoints and detect any suspicious behaviors or potential threats.

Some of the many capabilities of SentinelOne that keep your business fully protected are:

  • Proactive attack anticipation
  • Auto-immunize against threats
  • Deep file inspection
  • Threat detection at all stages
  • Dynamic safelisting
  • Protects endpoints 
  • Automated response to immediately shut down attacks
  • Uses AI to detect advanced forms of malware and zero-day threats

We Provide Backup & Disaster Recovery

A vital part of IT security is having a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. Unbound Digital provides managed backups, meaning that we monitor your backups regularly to ensure they’re backing up all required data properly and haven’t hit any problems.

With expert management of your backups, you won’t run into any nasty surprises when you experience a data loss incident and need to restore your backup right away.

We Continuously Monitor Your Network for Threats

Hackers never sleep and they often attack when you least expect it. When you work with Unbound Digital for your business cybersecurity, you can rest assured that we will keep a watchful eye on your network 24/7. 

Continuous monitoring ensures that as soon as any potential threat tries to attack your network, it’s stopped immediately.

We Provide Enterprise-Level Antivirus/Anti-Malware

If you’re using an older signature-based antivirus application, then most of the advanced threats being detected today will be missed because they may not yet be in a threat signature database.

We use advanced, enterprise-level antivirus/anti-malware and keep it monitored for you, including reviewing suspicious anomalies and ensuring it’s updated properly 

We Keep All Your Systems Patched & Updated

80% of publicly known exploits have patches, but many of these exploits still run rampant causing breaches and malware infections because businesses don’t keep their systems updated.

Patch and update management is a foundational layer of our IT security services. We’ll ensure that all your business devices are properly patched and updated (operating systems and applications).

We Offer Mobile Device Security & Management

Companies can often suffer breaches due to a poor (or no) mobile device management plan. Employee mobile devices are often connecting to free unsecured Wi-Fi, which leaves business data even more at risk.

Unbound Digital offers expert mobile device management that can keep devices secure, ensure consistent data security policies, and provide helpful features like remote find or wipe for a device.

We Keep Spam & Phishing Out of Your Inboxes

Phishing emails are still the main way that online attacks are distributed. These emails get ever more sophisticated all the time and often take advantage of tricks like email sender spoofing to fool the recipient.

We help reduce your IT security risk by keeping spam and phishing out of your employees’ inboxes through advanced email filtering solutions.

Protect Your Business With the Cybersecurity Experts!

Unbound Digital has an expert cybersecurity team that can help your Johnson City, Tennessee business put a layered strategy in place that keeps you protected and gives you peace of mind.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Call 423-335-2461 or reach us online.


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