Spam Filtering - Are You Protecting the Number One Attack Vector?

The average person receives over 100 emails per day at work and an average of 55% of them are spam. Spam is the junk mail of the internet, but it’s much more dangerous than the unwanted mail coming via snail mail.

Hiding amongst those emails that you never asked for promoting insurance policies and quick weight loss diets are phishing emails disguised to trick you into clicking on a malicious link or downloading a malware-laden attachment.

While all businesses are vulnerable to falling prey to dangerous spam, those without a managed IT services plan that includes spam filtering and other security measures are at the most risk.

92% of malware is delivered via email.

Email inboxes are the main target for hackers delivering malware making it the number one attack vector. And while many small businesses think they can fly under the radar because “they’re too small to hack,” they’re not. Hackers specifically target small businesses because they often have fewer email defenses than larger companies.

Two-thirds of small and medium-sized businesses have had a cyberattack within the last year, which makes protecting your user email from spam an important priority to prevent a data breach, ransomware infection, or another costly security incident.

If you’re not using a good spam filtering software to help you tame the influx of both junk and dangerous emails, you’re much more likely to become a cyberattack victim.

How Spam Filtering Keeps Your Business Safer

In addition to the dangers of malware and viruses, spam also brings with it wasted time. Users can spend 20% of their day going through email, and a good portion of that is having to navigate through spam.

A spam filtering application can improve productivity in addition to IT security by keeping unwanted emails from clogging your inbox in the first place. At Unbound Digital, we use SolarWinds Mail Assure for business email to help prevent unwanted and dangerous emails.

While you can, and should, train your users to spot phishing emails, those phishing lures are becoming more sophisticated so that even seasoned, tech savvy users can get fooled. Using spam filtering provides an important backstop for your users so they’re not having to constantly worry about accidentally enabling a data breach or ransomware infection.

The benefits of using mail filtering are many. Here are some of the features that SolarWinds Mail Assure offers for businesses.

Advanced Threat Protection (ADP) for Inbound and Outbound Email

All it takes is one click on a fake email to infect an entire network with malware. What spam filtering does is keep the messages from getting to your users in the first place and quarantine them for review and removal. Safeguards include:

  • Near 100% filtering accuracy
  • Ability to catch emerging threats
  • Real-time pattern recognition
  • Uses anti-phishing and impersonation protection technology
  • Processes email data from over two million domains

Protection for Office 365 Users

Phishing targeting Office 365 users is on the rise. One emerging threat is for users to receive a fake SharePoint file sharing invitation with a legitimate OneDrive link to click. Only when they click the link, the document redirects them to a spoofed Office 365 login page designed to steal their login credentials.

Mail Assure offers full support for Office 365 users and helps protect them against these types of targeted threats. There is also 24/7 availability even if Office 365 unavailable due to an outage.

Reduce Email Clutter and Improve Productivity

Spam can hurt your productivity in a couple of different ways. It causes you to spend more time in your inbox sorting through unwanted messages to get to legitimate ones. It can also cause you to completely miss an important email from a colleague or customer because you accidentally deleted it along with a string of spam.

Imagine the time you’d save going through your email if all the spam was gone and you didn’t have to sort through it to get to legitimate emails. Since it’s estimated that over 50% of all email is spam, that could cut your time in half.

Spam filtering helps keep those unwanted emails out of your inbox in the first place so you can just focus on your legitimate emails and have much less of a chance to miss something important.

Email Continuity for 24/7 Availability

Web-based business email is popular because it can be accessed anywhere on any device, but it also has the chance of being impacted by cloud provider outages.

Having your email down is not only frustrating, it can also mean costly missed opportunities because you weren’t able to communication with a lead or client.

A bonus of Mail Assure is that it comes with email continuity services. This means that even if your cloud email provider has an outage, you can continue sending, receiving, and reading email through their web-based console.

Save Your Email as Long as You Like

With some email services, old message are automatically deleted after a certain time period, but using Mail Assure you can save your emails as long as you like using encrypted email archiving.

This feature includes an unlimited retention period and helps reduce data loss due to accidental deletion and ensures you have an important email trails years after they were first generated.

Learn More About Email Filtering to Secure Your Inboxes

Securing your email and keeping out unwanted spam and phishing can significantly reduce your risk of a data breach. Unbound Digital can walk you through SolarWinds Mail Assure and show you how it can safeguard your business email.

Contact us today to learn more. Call 423-335-2461 or reach out online.


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