Solutions for Business Wifi, Hotel Wifi and Campground Wifi

Wireless Networking

Business Wifi

Unbound Digital can help your business connect all of your devices. In today’s businesses wifi is crucial and it is imperative that it works and works well. We can help you find the right solution for your business to ensure that your whole business is covered in fast and reliable wifi.

Wireless Solutions

We offer wireless solutions for any situation.

  • Business Wifi Access Points and Routers
  • Free Wifi for Retail and Public Places
  • Wireless Solutions that meet Compliance
  • Enterprise Grade Solutions

Point to Point Wireless

  • Building to Building – Wifi that will bridge the gap without having to run cables.
  • Fast Wireless – With the new wireless AC technology speed is not an issue.
  • Distance – Long Range, connect two locations up to 8 Miles away with line of site.
  • Reliability – The Highest reliability in wireless products, With self-monitoring the connection is checked constantly for problems and will reboot the access point and alert you via email as well.

Point to Point

Point to Point wireless setup for a customer in Kingsport TN

Hotel and Campground Wifi

  • Scalable – with Indoor & Outdoor Acess Points we can cover any area with wifi.
  • Compliant – We can be compliant with any wifi solution for your Hotel or Campground
  • Splash Page – You can have a splash Page Custom Designed for your Hotel or Campground.
  • Monitoring – We can provide an 800 number for your guest to call for a low monthly fee per room.

Controller for your Wireless Network

Know your network



Our Controller shows exactly what’s happening on your networks in near real time, so you can manage your users, access points and bandwidth like never before.

End network abuse

Stop Abuse


Set upload and download throttles, block individual network abusers you notice behaving badly, or white list/black list specific devices to tightly control access.

Your Network, Your Brand

Facebook Wifi


You control the user experience from the moment a guest, resident or customer connects to your network. We can design a page from scratch to match your website, use one of several beautiful, mobile-friendly templates, or let your customers check in to and like your Facebook Page with Facebook Wi-Fi. Once connected, users can be redirected to any page you choose.

Troubleshooting Problems is a Breeze!

Wireless APs

With a Cloud Controller, you can see your  whole network at a glance. See all the access points and you can tell if any of them are down or need attention; Never guess at problems. This  is an Actual Screenshot from the Best Western Hotel in Johnson City. You can see all 28 Access points to cover all the floors and buildings in the hotel.

Facebook Wifi

Advertising for your Business

  • Customers can easily check in at your location through Facebook to get access to Wi-Fi.
  • No Wi-Fi codes are necessary and no new accounts have to be created.
  • Customers can manually check in or choose a setting that allows them to automatically check in when they visit you again.

Reach More People

  • When customers check in to use your Wi-Fi, their friends discover your activities through the news feed on Facebook.
  • After check in, customers will be asked if they want to like your page so that you can continue to reach them.
  • More check-ins on your Facebook page will improve rankings on Facebook’s mobile app.


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