Maintenance Plans to keep you Running Smoothly

What is a Residential Maintenance Plan?

  • It is basically an on-going plan to keep your computer maintained
  • It allows us to monitor and maintain your computer
  • We can Catch Problems Early
  • Save on labor cost
  • Allows us to use remote support to get your problems fixed faster
  • We can cover a Mac or Windows Computer

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What is the Cost and what do I get?

$9.95 a Month Plan*

This is our Basic Monthly Plan to Maintain your computer

Guaranteed Response TimeUnlimited In-Shop Repair and Four Remote Sessions a Year –  Our goal it to keep you running smoothly all of the time.

Managed Antivirus Managed Antivirus & Anti-Malware – Enterprise level antivirus and anti-malware protection that is monitored by our staff.

Patch Management Patch Management – Windows and hundreds of third party patches are approved and pushed to keep your systems up-to-date and secure.

Hourly System Reporting Hourly Reporting – Every 60 minutes we are getting a report from each computer about the state of its health.

automated maintenance Maintenance – We clean temp and junk files and Defrag your system’s on an automatic schedule to keep your systems running smoothly.

remote support Remote Support – On demand support from our technicians. We can remote into your systems saving time and providing a fast response.

*initial $69.00 Flat Fee to do the Tuneup and to do a thorough inspection of the computer

How do I get the RMP or Residential Maintenance Plan?

It’s easy, just bring your computer by one of our locations anytime during normal business hours and we can get it all setup. We will basically establish a baseline with your computer. We will first test all of the hardware and make sure it is in top shape. Then we will do a complete tune-up and tweak the computer so that it will run as fast as possible. After this, we will install and setup the agent that does the monitoring so that we can keep an eye on your computer’s health. Don’t worry we only get back reports on your computer health and we don’t monitor what you are doing on your computer.

When we install the agent we include the Enterprise Class Antivirus that is monitored and reports back to our technicians. If we see a Virus or any other problem detected we can take action to make sure the problem is resolved before it becomes an issue. We also want to make sure your computer is maintained as well. So, we will make sure it stays up to date by pushing Windows and hundreds of Third Party updates to your computer. We will also Defrag and clean temp files and keep your computer running smooth. Your computer will also send us back 45 different aspects of your computers health every 60 minutes so we can know how it is running.

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