What is Business Email?

It is simply the email which you use specifically for your business. Normally, your business email address includes your company name within it such as and your colleagues will have their email address formatted in the same way. This professional way of sending business email will also serve as a form of advertising as your business name will be visible with every communication.

Also, business grade email syncs seamlessly between all of your devices. If you have a smart phone and you read an email there it will be marked read on your desktop, laptop, and tablets. If you delete an email from one device it will be deleted from all of the others. It is real-time syncing. Not only does it do this with your email, it will also do this with Contacts, Calendar, and Task as well. So let us make you and your business more efficient today!


Four Options for Business Email; Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Google Apps and on-premise Exchange Email.

Let Unbound Digital help you decide which option is right for you.

Office 365 Business Email

Unbound Digital can set up your business email on the fastest growing platform for business email.

Office 365 Sync all devicesWhat do you get with Office 365?

Seamless Syncing Email – Contacts, Calendar, Email, and Task.

Scalable – Add as few or as many users as you need. As your business grows so can your email service without having to worry about maintaining a server or buying more licences. Just Simple!

Cloud-Based Platform – Office 365 provides a cloud-based platform, which enables secure access to organizational data from any device, any time, anywhere. This can be a big benefit for those organizations that have employees working both on-site, at home or at remote or satellite office locations.

Complete Platform – Microsoft Office 365 is also a complete platform. For many businesses, Office 365 offers everything employees need for effective intra-organization communication and collaboration including email, social network, instant messaging and online meeting, personal cloud file sharing and enterprise portal platform. In addition, it allows teams to work together on shared projects. Office 365 also makes it possible to share content with external partners, which is extremely important to some organizations.

Get Business Apps – You can get plans with Online Apps or Downloadable Desktop Apps for your computer; Mac or PC.

Office 365 Apps

Hosted Exchange Business Email

Unbound Digital can help you setup Hosted Exchange Email with Hosted Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2016. Let our Cloud make your business more efficient and secure.

Exchange Devices


Your inbox gets more intelligent with better customization options. Find email faster with an improved search engine.


More Secure

Modern authentication and enhanced server technology guarantee your safety on any device.


Better Mobility

Get a seamless Outlook experience on your mobile devices for on-the-go email management and document collaboration.

What is Hosted Exchange?

The most popular business email system in the world.

Microsoft Exchange Server is the most widely-used business-grade email system in North America. It is the preferred email platform for more than 170 million people around the world. Businesses use Exchange for email, calendaring, task management, address lists, accessing shared document repositories, mobility and much more.

Reliability – 99.999 Percent Guaranteed Uptime

Rapid – Fast Deployment and Scaleability

Secure – With the Ability to Integrate with McAfee SasS Compliance, we can office Truly Secure Email.

Compliance – Hosted email can make you compliant with HIPPA, Sox, Finra and more by allowing Secure Email,  Archiving, and Controls.

Email Sync

Access your email from anywhere at any time

Calendar with share icon

Share your calendar with everyone in your organization

Contact Sync

Share and synchronize contacts

task sync

Schedule and manage your tasks

Resource Mailbox

Create resource mailboxes to manage conference rooms, projectors, laptops, etc.

Sync to Phones

Synchronize any mobile devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android…)

Shared Docs

Share documents with public folders

Wipe Lost Device

Remotely wipe any lost device

Google Apps for Work

Unbound Digital can help you setup Google Apps for Work. Like Gmail? Then this is for your business.

Google Apps

Gmail – Take Gmail to work, Gmail has powerful spam protection, powerful search and integrated calendars help you get more done. Enhanced business features include 99.9% guaranteed uptime, no ads and 30GB of storage.

Store and share – Save work files in Drive, access them from any device and share them instantly with teammates. No more sending attachments or merging different versions.

Meet Face to Face – Hold HD video meetings through Hangouts with up to 25 people on your laptop, tablet or phone. You can share your screen, give presentations and chat as you work.


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