7 Productive Ways Office 365 Can Improve Your Business Email & Team Communications

Good communications are the hallmark of a successful business. If your team’s informed and on the same page, your office runs efficiently, and if they’re not, you can run into bottlenecks, dropped balls, and other missteps.

86% of executives and employees say that lack of proper communications is responsible for workplace failures. Today’s connected world requires the use of tools that can keep everyone on the same page no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

At Unbound Digital, we use Office 365 for business email and all the other communication-enhancing tools that it provides. When you’re using cloud-based email, you’re able to stay in sync with all your devices, and easily reach across platforms to do things like send automated task reminders via email and share contacts and folders seamlessly.

Office 365 is used by more users than any other cloud solution.

There’s a reason that Office 365 has become the #1 cloud solution by user count, it’s because it takes the programs everyone has been using for years –Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint – and infuses them with the connectivity power of the cloud, enhancing team communications for email and more.

Boosting Team Communications with Office 365

Keeping everyone in your organization going in the same direction can be a challenge. But if you use tools that enhance the ability to communicate and collaborate, you’ll find that productivity increases and errors due to miscommunications decrease.

Here are several ways that using Office 365 can help you do more with your business email and improve communication across the board.

Use Shared Inboxes

A shared inbox for a project team or customer service department can reduce tons of back and forth emails copying the team on pertinent communications.

Office 365 allows you to set up a shared inbox that users are subscribed to and then everyone with access can view and send email from that common inbox.

Schedule and Invite Team Members to a Meeting

Setting up meetings and sending reminders is a snap with cloud-based business email in Office 365. From Outlook’s calendar view, you can click New Teams Meeting and add in your attendees or contact group. Designate the subject, location, and times and click to easily invite those inside or outside your company.

Attendees can receive a link to allow them to attend remotely, and the connection to Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business can allow you to meet via voice or video call.

Use Microsoft Teams for Instant Team Chat

Team chat tools have become an office necessity in recent years and Microsoft Teams is an important part of Office 365.

It allows instant chat communications that are organized into different channels (which can be departments, projects, etc.) and includes helpful features such as:

  • Ability to be accessed on any device (just like all other Office 365 programs)
  • Alerts
  • File sharing capability
  • @mentions to let someone know you have a comment for them
  • Ability to voice or video call from within a chat channel
  • Can invite those outside your organization to a channel for easier collaboration with vendors and clients

Work on Documents at the Same Time

When more than one person is working on a document, there can be issues with knowing which file version is the most recent or not understanding edits that were made.

Office 365 allows users to collaborate on a document in real time, and even message each other if they have a question about the other person’s edits. This streamlines the process and keeps everyone on the same page (and same document!).

Creating Team Sites with SharePoint

The SharePoint file storage system allow for dynamic ways to share information both inside and outside your organization through the use of team sites.

These sites are like mini websites where a department can keep the rest of your team updated on important items in real time or your sales team can create sales portals for your different market segments.

Details on the shared sites can be easily updated, making them an engaging way to communicate important information.

Calendar Sharing

Trying to schedule meetings can take a lot of back and forth. Wouldn’t it be easier to just see everyone’s calendar so you can quickly pick the best day and time?

Office 365 makes that possible with the ability to share your calendar or create shared calendars among team members. So, everyone can see what you have scheduled and can more easily work around appointments when assigning tasks or adding new meetings.

Video Chat on the Fly

There are times when a quick face-to-face can get the job done faster than a flurry of emails. One of the handy communication tools with Office 365 is Skype for Business.

It can be used alone or integrated with Microsoft Teams to quickly hold a video chat on the fly and stay connected to your clients and leads anywhere in the world.

Power Up Your Business Communications with Office 365

Have you been looking for ways to connect your team that also works fluidly with your Office programs? Office 365 has powerful features for business email, team messaging, and more.

Contact Unbound Digital today for an Office 365 demonstration. Call 423-335-2461 or reach us online.

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