How Are Managed IT Services Integral to Your IT Security?

The average cost of a ransomware attack doubled over the last year, it’s now over a million dollars ($1.85 million). Data breach costs have also gone up. 2021, saw the highest average cost of a breach in the past 17 years. That cost has now skyrocketed to $4.24 million.

In this day and age, keeping your business going requires you to pay attention to online threats and put cybersecurity protections in place to keep your network and devices secure. Just one data breach can mean costs that put a smaller company out of business.

The increased cost of cyberattacks and the increase in attack volume have made it necessary to automate as many of your security procedures as possible. This is why managed IT services are now a crucial and integral part of a good IT security strategy.

Cyberattacks increased 600% during the pandemic.

Whether you’re a small business in Tennessee or a large global organization, cybersecurity has become about much more than just keeping viruses out of a system. Hackers are using sophisticated attacks, many of them going directly for user credentials. It’s now vital to have a professional managing IT security if you want to avoid becoming a victim of one of the many types of cyberattacks out there.

Ways that Managed Services Keep You Protected from a Breach 

Patch Management

Users often don’t keep their devices updated properly because they don’t want to stop what they’re doing to install an update (especially if they have to reboot!). Without the security patches applied that come with many updates, your systems are at risk of a breach.

Managed IT services include ongoing patch management, which handles updates for Windows as well as hundreds of third-party patches. This keeps your systems always up to date and less vulnerable.

Managed Antivirus/Anti-Malware

The difference between having “managed” and non-managed antivirus is a big one. With managed antivirus, you can ensure that any events the application is picking up are reviewed by a professional and the right action is taken in a timely manner.

Your antivirus/anti-malware is also kept up to date, just like all your other systems.

Web Protection

Malicious URLs are used in a majority of phishing attacks that come in by email and over SMS or social messaging. Attackers have switched to using links because they can often get past more simple antivirus programs.

With the web protection that managed IT services offer, your users are protected even if they accidentally click on one of those links to a phishing site. The filter reviews URLs before directing the user’s browser to them and will immediately block any malicious sites and warn the user.

Firewall Maintenance & Testing

Firewalls are a foundational element of any good cybersecurity strategy, but they do need to be regularly maintained and updated. If not, they can end up becoming less effective over time and allow through newer forms of malware.

When working with an IT pro to manage your technology, you can rest assured that your firewall is being properly updated. This includes regular testing to make sure it’s doing its job and can keep up with the most sophisticated threats.

Spam & Phishing Detection

Most cyberattacks originate via email. If you’re trying to use an email filter on your own, it’s easy to get frustrated because you may have legitimate traffic being blocked. This can cause some businesses to turn it off altogether and leave themselves at larger risk.

Along with managed IT services from Unbound Digital, you can have a professional setup of spam and phishing email filtering. We know how to ensure you get legitimate emails while keeping unwanted and dangerous messages out of user inboxes.

Managed Online Backup

Many companies that are hit with ransomware end up paying the ransom because they don’t have an easily restorable backup of all their data. Backups can often run into trouble if they’re not managed properly, which results in data not being backed up as it should.

Managed online backup protects your files and ensures that your backups are continuously monitored. This monitoring includes checking progress, completion, and ensuring all files are not only backed up but that they can also be quickly restored if needed.

User Support

Sometimes all it would have taken to avoid a malware infection was a confused user having an expert resource they could contact about a suspicious email.

When you sign up for managed IT services, your employees get the expert help and support they need to stay more secure and overcome any potential technology issues they may run into.

Learn More About Our Affordable, Customizable Managed IT Services

We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to managed services. You can tailor a plan to your needs and budget. Unbound Digital’s experienced support techs can help your Johnson City, Tennessee business be more protected and take the heavy lifting of IT security and management off your shoulders.

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