3 Important Ways Managed IT Services Lower Your Business Costs

Most of today’s businesses couldn’t run without technology. That’s why network downtime is so costly and ransomware attacks can be devastating. Some companies with a data backup will even pay a ransomware ransom anyhow if they think it will help them get back up and running faster.

Just one hour of downtime can cost a small business as much as $10,000. That means each minute ticking by with technology offline is another $167 gone.

Yet with so much riding on having their network, computers, and other technology running smoothly, many companies try to handle IT on their own. They think they’re saving money by not signing up for a monthly fee with managed IT services. However, the “DIY” method of IT management usually ends up costing them far more.

Managed services are about keeping that technology engine running efficiently and mitigating any events that might bring it to a screeching halt. Problems that can happen when technology isn’t properly managed include:

  • Breaches of network, devices, and cloud data
  • Hard drive crashes coming out of the blue
  • Wi-Fi connection problems
  • Ransomware and other malware
  • Data security compliance penalties
  • Lost productivity by staff having to constantly put out IT fires
  • Learning hard and costly lessons on business technology setup

Using managed IT services is not only an investment in your IT infrastructure it’s like business insurance. It keeps you from suffering major losses due to unexpected IT events. And a managed IT support plan can cost you less overall than trying to handle your IT needs yourself. Here’s how!

Higher Staff Productivity

The average American office worker spends approximately 22 minutes per day dealing with computer and other IT-related issues. When you don’t have help with your technology, employees have no choice but to struggle with software and hardware problems on their own, which takes them away from their daily tasks.

If you have just 10 employees, the cost of not having IT help could add up to 18.33 hours per week. At an average of $18 per hour, that’s a productivity loss of $330 every week or about $1300+ per month.

When you work with a business IT support professional, your technology is kept running smoothly so it has fewer problems. If your staff runs into any issues, they don’t have to waste time trying to fix them, instead, they can call their IT pro.

Reduced Risk of a Data Breach or Malware Infection

Cyberattacks have gone up at least 400% since the pandemic began. You can’t keep your network secure with a simple antivirus and firewall any longer.

Several layers need to go into a solid cybersecurity strategy, and this includes continuous monitoring for any new threats. The latest attack that hit over 250,000 organizations this year, many of them small businesses, was the breach of the Microsoft Exchange Server, which was initiated by a state-backed hacking group out of China.

This is just one example of how the security landscape has become much more complicated. And just because your business is small, doesn’t mean you’re safe. It actually makes you a bigger target.

Managed IT support can save you from a breach that costs your company tens of thousands of dollars and that could potentially put you out of business. Standard security services in a managed IT plan include things like:

  • Managed Antivirus/anti-malware
  • Patch management
  • Network monitoring and hourly reporting
  • Anti Spam email protection for phishing
  • Web protection to block malicious sites
  • Firewall maintenance and testing

Mitigates Costly Downtime

As we mentioned, downtime is a big driver of high technology-related costs for companies. And it doesn’t always come in big allotments of time. For example, small outages of 20 minutes here and 30 minutes there happen in offices all the time if their technology isn’t being maintained.

These are the downtime incidents that can end up costing the most, because they may not be on a business owner’s radar as an issue. But when added up, all those smaller downtime incidents can add up to thousands of dollars of losses monthly.

Mitigating downtime is a significant cost-saving feature of having a managed services plan. Not only does equipment run more efficiently because it’s regularly maintained, if there are any problems, you get immediate help.

Unbound Digital offers guaranteed response times with all our service plans. On the other hand, if you don’t have a relationship with an IT provider, if your systems go down, you can be left trying to reach someone by phone who can help and waiting a day or more before someone can come out.

Find the Perfect Managed IT Plan to Fit Your Budget

Unbound Digital can help your Johnson City, Tennessee business eliminate the costs associated with unmanaged IT and help you find a managed services plan that fits your needs and budget.

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