Improve Your Business Management & Bottom Line by Outsourcing Your IT

You walk in on Monday morning revved for the week, look through your tasks for the day and are all set for a productive day driving more sales and taking great care of your customers. Then an hour later, a webform from a customer comes in saying they’ve been trying to call to place an order, but the phone system keeps cutting them off.

The next several hours of your day are spent trying to figure out what’s up with your VoIP phone system and wondering how many sales you’ve lost as a result. So much for your productive day!

That’s just one scenario of a technology issue that can totally kill forward motion and cause stress and frustration.

Many business owners think that handling their IT issues themselves is saving them money, but actually the opposite is true.

The average worker wastes 22 minutes per day dealing with IT issues.

Trying to manage a business while using do-it-yourself IT is a recipe for higher technology-related costs and worse overall business management. Because technology is infused into just about every business process, when it’s not managed effectively, your business isn’t performing at its best.

That’s why many companies turn to outsourced managed IT services to both reduce costs and improve how their business functions overall.

How Do Managed IT Services Improve How My Business Operates?

If your company emails stop working or your customer database goes offline, most companies are considered “down” because technology systems are relied on for just about every department and client or intercompany interaction.

Businesses that are on top of their technology, keep it running smoothly, and continually explore ways to make it better are the ones that gain a competitive edge on their competition. Those that treat it with a “break/fix” mentality (i.e., leave it alone until it breaks) are the ones that end up losing ground.

Small businesses that are considered “digitally advanced” enjoy the following advantages over their competition:

  • Year over year revenue growth of nearly 4x more
  • Earning 2x more revenue per employee
  • 3x more likely to create more jobs than the previous year

All those advantages come with technology that’s managed well and running efficiently, which is what a managed IT services plan is all about.

What’s Included in a Managed IT Services Plan?

A managed services plan covers multiple aspects of your technology infrastructure, everything from cybersecurity to keeping your PCs running fast and efficiently.

When working with Unbound Digital, you can enjoy the following core services and business enhancing add-ons:

  • Managed antivirus & anti-malware
  • Patch management
  • Hourly reporting
  • Maintenance
  • Remote support
  • Managed backup
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Web protection
  • Exchange server antispam
  • Managed online backup
  • Firewall maintenance & testing
  • Deployment and network design
  • Mobile device management
  • VoIP phone system management

Following, are the improvements you can see in your business management when you outsource your IT management.

Better Productivity

Rather than employees being hampered by tech issues as they crop up during the day (a printer won’t work, they’ve accidentally clicked on a phishing link, etc.), they have a resource to go to with any technology issues.

With a guaranteed response time and “there in an instant” remote tech support, your team can focus on your business rather than wasting hours per week with technology problems.

Improved Data Security

Most companies don’t find out until months later that a data breach has occurred, and once they do, there are multiple costs involved with the cleanup, including figuring out what data was compromised, notifying impacted customers, and downtime costs during the whole ordeal.

The average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million.

You gain multiple data security protections when you sign up for a managed IT services plan. These protections all work together to keep your network secure so you can focus on your business rather than worrying about hackers gaining access to your network.

Streamlined & Improved Use of IT

When it comes to how a business uses technology, there are two problems that we often see with companies that aren’t working with a trusted IT provider:

  • They end up with multiple cloud systems that aren’t well integrated and that often are redundant.
  • They tend to stick with older systems and miss out on new time saving trends (like automation).

A managed IT service provider that’s watching over your technology regularly, will come to understand the intricacies of your business and can offer valuable guidance when it comes to how to streamline your software and how to take advantage of emerging trends that can drive your business forward.

Allows You to Focus 100% on Your Business

When you’re dealing with technology issues, you’re not able to focus on your business 100% of the time and that distraction can cost you important forward motion.

Imagine how much you’d get done with an expert handling all your technology for you! Peace of mind multiplied by no IT interruptions equal you being laser focused on your business and having a technology infrastructure that supports you rather than holds you back.

Customize Your Managed IT Plan with Unbound Digital!

Stop stressing over your technology and start enjoying a business that runs more smoothly and efficiently.

Contact Unbound Digital today to sign up for a stress-free managed services plan. Call 423-335-2461 or reach out online.

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