Giving a presentation, whether it’s in person or over video, can be stressful. Not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of others, and there are challenges when it comes to maintaining eye contact and keeping those “umms” from weakening the power of the presentation.

We’ve discussed in past articles some of the hidden features you’ll find in Microsoft 365, such as Excel data types. In this article, we’ll hit on another great AI-powered feature of the platform that can help you hone your presentation skills.

Uncovering the lesser-known benefits in your business solutions can provide you with time savings, money savings, and improve several facets of your business.

Presenter Coach is a virtual guide in PowerPoint that listens to and can even watch (via your webcam) your presentation and give you insightful tips to help you improve upon your delivery.

This feature is native in the software and doesn’t require any additional add-ons to use it.

Where Do You Find Presenter Coach?

  • With your presentation open, click Slide Show.
  • In the Rehearse section, click Rehearse with Coach.
  • You’ll see a checkbox to click if you want to “Show body language feedback.” If you click this, your webcam will be used by Presenter Coach while you’re rehearsing.

How Does Presenter Coach in PowerPoint Work?

Once you click to Rehearse with Coach, you’ll get a prompt that will allow you to choose between receiving feedback as you go through the presentation in addition to getting your Rehearsal Report, or only getting the report at the end so you’re not interrupted with prompts.

Wait for the “Listening…” cue, and then begin giving your presentation. Just as it does when you click to play the slideshow, your presentation will be on full screen.

If you’ve clicked to receive real-time feedback, as Presenter Coach notices various things that can be improved in your delivery, you’ll see the feedback in a window.

Such as, “Try to not use too many fillers like “umm.”

Once you’ve finished giving your presentation, you’ll be presented with a Rehearsal Report that includes a variety of helpful feedback you can use to sharpen your presentation skills.

One of the great things about Presenter Coach is that it’s always ready to listen to you rehearse your presentation. You don’t have to schedule a time as you would with a colleague, and you can rehearse as many times as you like.

What Types of Feedback Do You Get From PPT Presenter Coach? 

Presentation Pacing (i.e., Speed)

Are you rushing through your presentation or going so slow that you might bore your audience? You’ll get a pacing score that tells you how many words per minute your presentation was and what that means as far as too slow, too fast, or just right.

You can even see how pacing changes during your presentation. For example, you might be speeding up at the end when you realize you’re nearly out of the allotted time.


If you simply read the text on the PPT slides, that typically doesn’t make for a very engaging presentation. Originality is one of the things that Presenter Coach listens for.

A good originality score means that you’re adding your own words and explanations as you go through the presentation and not simply reading the text on the slides word-for-word.

Filler Words (Umm, You Know, etc.)

One of the most challenging things for a speaker to learn is to avoid those filler words like “umm” and “you know,” which can weaken a presentation performance.

Presenter Coach will listen for these and tell you exactly which terms you are using too often when giving your presentation.

Sensitive Phrases

Sometimes when you’re freewheeling with your presentation and being completely original, sensitive phrases like cuss words might accidentally slip in there.

You’ll get a heads-up about these as well so you can decide whether you want to keep them for effect or avoid them so as not to distract from the main point of your talk.

Body Language

Presenter Coach can use your webcam to provide valuable body language feedback. The words you say are only one part of your presentation, your body language while saying them is another important part of making a good impression.

Presenter Coach Images from Microsoft

Presenter Coach will give you body language feedback on:

  • Eye contact with the audience
  • Whether you’re too far or too close to the camera
  • Whether the audience has a clear view of your face

Repetitive Language

If you are using the same terms or phrases too often in a presentation, it can turn the audience off and be distracting for them. You may not even realize that you’ve used “I think” 10 times in your presentation.

Presenter Coach will listen for repetitive language and let you know the words or phrases that are coming up several times in your presentation that you may want to change.

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