How Installing AV Huddle Spaces Can Drive More Engagement for Less Cost

Have you ever been on a video conference and had distractions like co-workers walking or talking behind you (or the other participant)? Unprofessional backgrounds (messy desks, etc.) can also be a problem if you don’t have a specific space set up for video conferences.

But the problems with having an entire room set up just for the purpose of video conferences so you can have both privacy and a professional environment are:

  • Space limitations may not allow it
  • It can be costly to set up a whole room just for video conferencing
  • Employees may have trouble securing a room reservation in larger organizations

So, offices are typically faced with either the costly prospect of a single conference room or doing video conferences at their desk, which isn’t optimum if you want to present a professional appearance.

But there is a better way.

A new trend in audio visual setups is something called “Huddle Spaces.” These are small alcoves that can be set up in areas of an office or within a room that give employees a way to video conference with clients or remote team members in a professional atmosphere, but that don’t take up a lot of space and are relatively inexpensive to put together.

For large companies, having several huddle spaces can alleviate issues with trying to book a single conference room. For smaller offices, it gives them a way to have a professional video conferencing area that fits their budget and allows them to project a professional atmosphere.

Benefits of Using Huddle Spaces at Your Office

Huddle spaces are designed to accommodate between 3-6 participants and have a video setup already in place so employees can have impromptu virtual meetings. They’re designed to encourage spontaneous engagement when someone wants to brainstorm an idea with a remote team member, or a client has an opening in their schedule that just came up.

Here are some reasons to consider setting up an AV huddle space at your office.

Reduces Wasted Setup Time

About 50% of video conferencing users waste about 10 minutes each meeting just getting the equipment setup. AV huddle spaces are designed as a “push a button and go” video conference solution.

Since the space is dedicated just to video conferencing, the software can be preloaded and ready to start at a moment’s notice without having to hook up a computer or screen.

Presents Your Company in a More Professional Light

If you’re a small company vying for a contract with a client, you want to present yourself in a professional light and don’t necessarily want them to see your open office layout behind you with multiple distractions in the background on a video call.

AV huddle spaces allow you to affordably set up a professional-looking backdrop using a partition and have a space that is always “camera ready” with no worries about needing to clean up a desk before that big client conference.

Encourages Engagement with Remote Workers

The number of workers that work remotely keeps growing each year. The cost savings for companies and employees alike make it an attractive option for those positions where it’s viable.

You can keep remote workers from feeling isolated by engaging in impromptu or scheduled video conferences using AV huddle spaces. This helps workers still feel very much part of the team and get the type of enriching interaction that you can’t get from emails or phone calls alone.

Inexpensive to Set Up

You need just a small area and just a few pieces of equipment to set up an AV huddle space, which puts them in reach for many small businesses.

The typical items needed are:

  • Screen
  • Device (like laptop or tablet) to host and control the video conference software
  • Microphone (or you can use the device’s mic)
  • Small table
  • A few chairs
  • Partition or other type of backdrop

Makes Client Meetings Easier

It’s costly to travel across the country to meet with clients, which can cause some companies to hold off expanding their sales territory. But with a professional space to host video conferences, it makes it easier than ever to meet with clients virtually.

This can be the next best thing to being there and help you both open up new business territories as well as give you options to make face-to-face meetings easier with less business disruption for both you and your client.

More Informal and Intimate Space

Not every meeting needs to be held around a long conference table in an intimidating-looking room. Often, you’re just looking to have a one-on-one meeting or meet with a small group of team members.

This is exactly what huddle spaces are designed to create. They offer a smaller, less formal space that’s perfect for quick meetings when you want to encourage the kind of back and forth engagement that can come from a more intimate space.

What Would Your Huddle Space Look Like?

Unbound Digital can help you envision your own AV huddle space and then make it a reality. We offer affordable options that allow you the benefits of engaging and professional video conferencing.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Call 423-335-2461 or reach us online.

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