Go Beyond Antivirus! SentinelOne with ActiveEDR Offers Advanced Protection for Today’s Advanced Threats

Some of the most dangerous forms of malware are those that have advanced beyond signatures we recognize. From zero-day viruses that haven’t been seen before to the new fileless attacks that use legitimate operating system programs against you, the attacks that company networks face every day are much more sophisticated than in the past.

And these attacks are only increasing.

According to Malwarebytes 2019 State of Malware Report, businesses saw a 79% increase in detected malware last year.

The top trending threats coming out this year are designed to be more targeted and engineered to avoid detection by basic anti-virus programs. New malware trends include:

  • Attacks, like soundloggers, made to avoid detection
  • AI being used in the creation of malicious executables
  • Bots taking advantage of smart IoT devices

But as the cyberthreats trying to attack your network have grown more sophisticated, so has software designed to detect and protect against them.

One of the programs that we recommend when providing managed IT services is SentinelOne. It’s beyond an antivirus and is an autonomous AI-based platform that is designed to detect threats in real time and provide ultimate endpoint protection.

A significant feature that the platform added this year is ActiveEDR. We’ll explain what that means and go over the reasons that companies are replacing their current antivirus and anti-malware programs with SentinelOne.

What is ActiveEDR?

First, let’s take a look at ActiveEDR and why it’s such an important advancement when it comes to protecting your network and devices from malware.

EDR stands for endpoint detection and response. EDR is a tool that offers visibility into a network reporting back threats and attacks to a system security team.

For example, if a bot attack has just been detected on a network, the EDR mechanism would immediately send an alert to the system administrator so they could deploy the necessary system protections.

The only drawback is the time it takes after the alert for the human being to able to respond, especially if they’re in the middle of other system-related activities. Additionally, most smaller companies are not going to have the personnel required to stand sentry over the network, just waiting for an alert.

Here’s where the importance of “active” in ActiveEDR comes in. ActiveEDR not only identifies malicious acts in real time but can also automate the necessary response. No lag time waiting on a system administrator to see an alert, instead the tool uses AI to formulate a response to thwart the attack in real time.

Additionally, ActiveEDR does not rely on cloud connectivity to run the response. It’s constantly drawing stories of what is happening on the endpoint and as soon as a threat is detected it can take immediate action.

For example, if you have a user that receives a phishing email and clicks over to a malicious site, resulting in a ransomware download, SentinelOne’s ActiveEDR will detect the activity and stop the script from running so it won’t be able to deploy its encryption program.

How SentinelOne Protects Against Multiple Threats

SentinelOne is an “edge to edge enterprise security platform” that it designed to be an all-in-one network and device protection application. It handles all key areas of cybersecurity and can:

  • Prevent
  • Detect
  • Respond

Here’s an overview of this advanced platform’s benefits:

Endpoint Protection

SentinelOne is different than standard anti-malware applications because it uses multiple patented AI algorithms to help it identify a large number of threats and suspicious activities.

Because it has the capability of responding to threats without human intervention, malware can be stopped right when it’s happening, rather than having to remove it after an infection.

Detection & Response

The detection and response mechanisms in SentinelOne are fairly sophisticated, and include:

  • Self defense
  • Self-healing
  • Quarantine
  • Remediation
  • Rollbacks from malicious events

IoT Discovery & Control

Protecting again one of the newer threats, all those smart devices that have begun populating our offices, is another benefit of SentinelOne. It can utilize every device to map and enforce network security policies. The platform can hunt rogue devices and ensuring no vulnerabilities in an IoT device are leaving your entire network open to a breach.

Cloud Security

The workloads of most companies are now transitioning to the cloud, but what does that mean for data security? SentinelOne’s protection includes the deployment of autonomous cloud workload protection across container and server workloads to help ensure file integrity, monitoring, protection, and compliance.

Stop Attacks in Real Time

The minutes that are saved from by deploying ActiveEDR to stop attacks before they cause harm to your data can mean the difference between business as usual and all work stopping while you struggle with a malware infection.

This is one of the most advanced aspects of the platform and one that makes it particularly valuable to organizations looking to protect themselves against those ever-evolving cyber threats out there.

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