In-Shop Flat Fee Computer Repair – Johnson City


We will check out your computer for $35.00!


Just bring your computer by anytime during normal business hours and we will check it out for $35.00. After we diagnose the computer we will call you with an Accurate Quote on what it will take to fix your computer. If you decide to fix it, the price will be what we quoted and the Diagnostics fee will be discounted off any labor if you decide to fix the computer.

$99.00 Flat Fee In-Shop 

Fix any Computer Problem

The $99.00 Flat Fee is truly a Flat Fee. We will fix pretty much anything on your computer for $99.00. This is all the labor it takes to fix your computer no matter how much time it takes us to fix it. Parts, if needed for your repair are extra, but this covers all of the labor it takes. No Hourly Rates In-Shop. Know what you are paying with no Surprises.

We do have one exception the the Flat Fee and that is Complete Disassembly of Macs, Power jacks for Laptops or Mother Board replacements in Laptops or Macs. That fee is $149.00. We charge this only when necessary to cover the extra time it takes to do this type of work. If your not sure just feel free to ask us. 98% of the work we do is $99.00 Flat Fee.

What does Unbound Digital Fix for the $99.00 Flat Fee?

  • We Fix Macs and PCs – Any Brand Computer
  • Virus and Spyware Cleanup and Removal
  • Speed up that Slow Sluggish Computer
  • Format and Reload – Including saving and putting your data back
  • Installing and Setting up any part in your computer
  • Data Recovery – From Hard Drives, Memory Cards, Flash Drives, or any type of media
  • Blue Screens
  • Hardware Problems
  • Pretty much any computer problem is repaired for $99.00
  • 30 Day Warranty on all Repairs in our shop

*Parts, if needed, are not included in the $99.00 Flat Fee Labor.


What we do when we do the Diagnostics?

  • We test all of the Hardware – Hard Drive, Memory (Ram), Video Cards, Sound, Motherboard, Keyboards, Touch pads, and any other problem that you may be having.
  • We test all the software – Windows Crashes, Blue Screens, Software Problems, Email Issues, Internet Problems, and Much More.


We have Advance Diagnostics as well – What does it include?

  • Advanced Diagnostics is for custom built, Gaming Systems, Camera Control Systems, or Computer Controlled Machinery computers.
  • 99 Percent of All Computers fall under our $35.00 Diagnostics, However these categories take much more time and in depth diagnose and require more of a technicians time. If you not sure just ask and we will help you.

What do I need to Bring?

  • Desktop Computers – All we need is just the tower – No cords or cables
  • Laptops – We need the laptop and power cord
  • Macs – Macbook or iMac we need the computer and power cord.
  • All-In-One Computers – We need the computer and power cord.
  • Printer or Wireless Problems – If you are having a wireless printing issue we need the computer, printer, and wireless router to fix these issues.
  • Format and Reloads – We put can put the data back on the same computer, or if you want we can put the data on a USB Hard Drive or Flash Drive if you plan on giving the computer to someone else.
  • Forgot something listed above? No Problem we keep a lot of Power Cords in our store for that reason. We have most of the power adapters to fit most models.

When can I bring my computer?

No Appointment needed to drop off your computer. Come by anytime during normal business hours.

We are open for In-Shop Repair – 5 Days a week at both of our locations

Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm


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